White Out

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One of the most versatile but would need a bit of confidence to wear are the white trouser or if you prefer denim. They are the essential pair of bottoms for spring and summer. As you can tell Mugen and Josh are wearing the same color scheme yet very different combinations, casual and formal for summer. 

Dressing down
Mugen is wearing Dockers Alpha Khaki D1 which he took to get tailored for a better fit, found at Ross for $20 and $10 for the alterations. JCP navy cotton blazer for $40 its very breathable, affordable if you are on a tight budget combined with a red cropped bandana for a pocket square also that pop of color that adds flavor to the outfit. Underneath he is wearing a nautical stripe Gap T-shirt for a more casual feel. Wearing no show socks by Clark's $30 for 6 pairs (Side note: you can take them in for a new pair if the elastic rips or gets a hole in them this is for life). 1901 Nordstrom brand derby wingtips a less formal shoe since casual is the aim here. Remember don't be scared to try out white bottoms, you might feel uncomfortable at first like anything else that you haven't tried but they are something to give it a go. All it takes is confidence and not giving a F***!

                                                                     Dressing up
Josh is wearing JCP white cotton chinos. At a mere $24 there are a summer essential. The chino fit is classic tailoring and stays true to size, these are great for trads. It's great for the weekend either formal and at a lawn party or casual and walking around town. Topped with a Lands End club collared shirt and Navy blazer this look is really casual formal. Lets not forget what really ties the outfit together, the red and navy Brooks Brothers tie.

Thanks for reading, let us know which outfit would fit your characteristic best.

MMD Team
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Heating Up

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Mr.ModernGetleman sporting a rep tie and straw hat. Doing it up with his double breasted blazer, white semi-spread collar, chinos, and wingtip oxfords. Very formal casual you can go from the mall to a party and late night date without changing.  Its breathable enough for spring and cool enough for the transitioning to summer.

 Mugen less formal more casual, with a paisley print blazer, pink button down, washed denim, and saddle oxfords. This is when you are just going out for a stroll and to get lunch or watch a movie. We would not recommended going sock less on a date maybe after a few then you can try it.
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MMD Style: Casino Royale

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In this article we will help you prepare yourself for prom. The first outfit is for men with style leaning more towards the traditionalist. Now, a true traditional tuxedo will have a cummerbund and a boutonniere. The style depicted is still traditional minus the two. (We had a cummerbund, however we do not like the look of it).

Here's the perfect checklist for prom

  • 1 Black one button preferably shawl satin lapel tuxedo because there is no substitute to the swagger given to you by Sean Connery era Bond. (Example: 1, 2
  • 1 Crisp white button up shirt tailored to your body as if you had Daniel Craig's muscles popping out each sleeve. (Example: 1, 2)
    • Wings or Semi Spread collar will do
    • You may add a touch with the buttons (women love contrast buttons, James Bond loves contrast buttons) 
    • French Cuff is not a must, but highly recommended
  • 1 Pair of black patent leather shoes because if it ain't shiny, it ain't James Bond. (Example: 1, 2)
    • We are lenient on the patent leather
    • Wingtips or cap toe oxfords will do, if you must plain or cap toe derby will also do.
  • 1 Bow tie
    • You may get a bunch of different styles
      • Bat Wing
      • Diamond
      • Butterfly
    • I would recommend you to go to www.thetiebar.com for bowties under $20
  • Accessories are optional (order from most important to least)
    • A white pocket square
    • A Date
    • A condom if you have a date
    • Boutonniere or Lapel Pin
    • White braces or Black belt (White braces recommended)
    • Cummerbund
If you checked everything on this check list then you should look a little something like this

Now you are ready for prom.

Enjoy yourself and be safe!

-MMD Style

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Sockless: The Smelly Situation

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With spring here, and summer just around the corner we face the same problem
that we face every year: how to ditch the sock. I love boat shoes! Honestly, they’re the
only shoes I wear with shorts. The problem is to wear them with shorts you have to
ditch the socks. Some of you have no problem doing it with your no socks no problem
attitudes, but others like myself experience a few technicalities.

As gross as this sounds, your feet sweat. Its natural. The problem here is that as
natural as it is, its not very comfortable, and its kinda smelly. Our feet have hundreds of
thousands of pores through which sweat travels. In fact, your feet are among the
sweatiest parts of you body. Sweat doesn’t really smell though, its just salt and water,
but the stench comes from the bacteria that grows on your foot. On its own the bacteria
is also unscented, but when paired with sweat, things get real stinky. Now that we’ve
discovered why we sweat, and why our feet stink we can try to combat the problem.
While socks absorb sweat and keep your feet dry, you can’t really wear them with boat
shoes or loafers during the summer.

My first tip: Wash your feet everyday. It sounds easy enough, but people often
forget to scrub real well between the toes. Don’t just think you can take a shower and
they’ll be clean, you have to scrub that bacteria off! Wash everyday with soap and water
and you’ll see better results.

My second tip is to put baby powder on your toes, heals, and sides of your feet.
Baby powder, just like a sock, will absorb moisture and keep your feet dry throughout
the day. There are a couple of problems with this. First, it clumps, so when you use it
make sure you spread evenly and don’t overuse. The other problem is that its visible. If
you decide to take your shoes off at a friends house, you’ll be able to see the powder on
your feet. My solution to this problem is that you make sure you powder your shoe (not
your feet) the night before that way the shoe starts out dry and wash your feet before
going out. Maybe you can even put a little bit in the corners of the shoe where they
won’t stick so much to your feet.

Tip number three! Antiperspirant isn’t just for your pits. You can buy a special
deodorant for your feet, that will keep your feet dry just like Old Spice does to your
underarms. The prices vary anywhere from 10-30 dollars. Some are stronger than
others and may even need a prescription! There are even people who swear by regular
deodorant on your feet. Give Old Spice a try on your feet, it can’t hurt, and it could
possibly work for you!

My last tip is the easy way out. It’s so easy its almost cheating. No show socks.
You wouldn’t exactly be going sockless, but you’ll be giving the impression of it. These
socks cover basically just your heels and toes. They don’t show at the ankle and even
stop halfway up the top flat of your foot. Now show, no problem.

So now that we’ve gone over ways to combat this problem, you have no excuse
not to ditch your socks! No more long black tube socks with your Sperrys, and show off
those loafers with no sock distractions. Enjoy the pleasure while it lasts.

Omar Hantour
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MMD Style: From the trenches to your wardrobe, the Field Jacket

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The field jacket is a military invention that was introduced in 1965 and is still the preferred choice of many different units in the Army, Navy and Marine corps. If you have been following the menswear trend lately it has been incorporated into many wardrobes as a go to item for a wide variety of seasons. It generally a lighter weight cotton jacket that can be worn, in warmer winters, fall and spring. It can also be worn on colder nights in the summer. It comes in a variety of colors such as navy, camo, and most widely recognized, olive drab.

Another factor in regards to menswear and clothes in general is the versatility. Not only should this be worn as a jacket but its very versatile and is rugged as well. Whenever were wearing something we don't know the historical significance and how it came about. In this case the field jacket is meant to take mud and dirt and is only personalized through your experiences wearing it. There are also a variety of places you can pick one up. The one I'm wearing is from Old Navy, and I picked it up for about $30. You can also buy it from various brands, a Army Surplus store, or a thrift shop. 

Lastly it can be worn casually with almost any kind of color scheme. It can definitely tone down your outfit as a whole bringing down from semi formal to casual. It can be worn with jeans and chinos. One thing you should try if your thrifting for one is to tailor it so that it can fit you properly.

Stay tuned for more MMD style articles and write us your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

-MMD style

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MMD Inspiration: The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties were America's golden age. America had just entered into Peace Time, the economy was at an all time high, and the cultural outburst in major cities such as New York City. Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, describes the lavish lifestyle (even though it is a tragedy of materialism) of the period marvelously. With the up and coming movie The Great Gatsby, along with other inspirations prior to the movie (Lawless and Boardwalk Empire), the style has been on everyone's eye. 

Brooks Brothers are the geniuses behind the outfits of The Great Gatsby

The style of the Roaring Twenties, as amazing as they may be, will never be completely apart of modern fashion. Bits and pieces will be apart of the clothes, however it is merely a modern take. People don't really wear drape suits anymore. However, I digress.

The Suit
In the office one can begin to power suit with pinstripes. Although they maybe over done within the last 2-3 decades, nothing says Al Capone like Chalk Stripes. Chalk stripes are exaggerated pinstripes, meaning they are wider and spread apart, almost as if someone literally used chalk to draw lines on one's suit.


On a more casual note, linen will be great for the Spring and Summer. During events such the Kentucky Derby or a day out on the avenue. Gatsby wears a Brooks Brothers pink linen three button suit.

There are two kinds of shoes: Dressy and Casual.
Starting with the casual, one would need to own a pair of loafers. Penny loafers to be exact. They are smart and simple, easy to put on and easy to pull off.

During work days or more lavishing affairs, nothing says dressy than a pair of wingtips. Although we may give respects to cap toe, nothing says the roaring twenties than a pair of brown (or black) wingtips. Wingtips are essentials to a outfit on an elegant night out.

The colors you would need to inspire your 1920s outfit is Earth. The fabrics were more Earthly colors such as green, brown, white and blue. "Look over there, you see that tree? That means brown and green go great together. Look up in the sky, you see clouds and the sky? Blue and white go hand in hand then". -Mugen Style

One of the most iconic shirts of the 1920s were the club collared shirts. These shirts stood out the most. The shirt consist of a curved collar, made of cotton (sometimes oxford), and sometimes comes with white collars and contrasting colored body. They are also famous for having eyelets to use your collar pin. True 1920s right there.

Now that you have the outfit down, it's time to party. Go grab your friends and a Mint Julep and celebrate the entire summer full of lavishing soirees also well as being surrounded by beautifully dressed women and dapper looking men. Inspired? I know we are.

See The Great Gatsby May 10th

-MMD Style

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