MMD Style: Blazer Vs Sport Coat Vs Suit Jacket

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One of the biggest questions known to mankind. What is the difference between all these jackets? A blazer is the same things as a suit jacket, right? Then what the hell is a sport coat? All these unanswered inquiries prompted us to give you an education.

The Suit Jacket
The suit jacket is what it is, its usually better fitting made to your body, the more formal jacket out of all three and always needs to come paired with trousers.They are made out of lighter materials.

The Sport Coat
The sport coat is one of the most common jackets that can be bought. They are mistaken for blazers due to stores wrongly naming the item. The sport coat is bought alone, they are usually heavier fabrics such as tweed, cord, or just cotton chino and patterns can range from solid to madras. Its the less formal jacket out of all three, more rugged and more sturdier.

The Blazer
The blazer was at one point only made of wool with patch pockets, usually an emblem showing what school the scholar was from it was usually navy blue and also had gold shank buttons. It is more formal than the sportcoat,it can be tailored or unstructured. You can pair it with slacks or jeans, the blazer is now made out of all sorts of material, linen, seersucker, gingham, for summer. It doesn't exactly need to have patch pockets anymore or the gold shank buttons in that case any color as well. Also I guess you can say a blazer is a suit jacket without the matching pants.

Now that you know the differences between the three, go and find what you want!

-MMD Style  


The suits are look more trendy and more fashionable, My vote is for suits not a sport jacket, because you cant wear a sport jacket in business meeting.
Tailor made suits

^sure you can. i do it all the time. also named best dressed in the office. :P

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