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One of the most versatile but would need a bit of confidence to wear are the white trouser or if you prefer denim. They are the essential pair of bottoms for spring and summer. As you can tell Mugen and Josh are wearing the same color scheme yet very different combinations, casual and formal for summer. 

Dressing down
Mugen is wearing Dockers Alpha Khaki D1 which he took to get tailored for a better fit, found at Ross for $20 and $10 for the alterations. JCP navy cotton blazer for $40 its very breathable, affordable if you are on a tight budget combined with a red cropped bandana for a pocket square also that pop of color that adds flavor to the outfit. Underneath he is wearing a nautical stripe Gap T-shirt for a more casual feel. Wearing no show socks by Clark's $30 for 6 pairs (Side note: you can take them in for a new pair if the elastic rips or gets a hole in them this is for life). 1901 Nordstrom brand derby wingtips a less formal shoe since casual is the aim here. Remember don't be scared to try out white bottoms, you might feel uncomfortable at first like anything else that you haven't tried but they are something to give it a go. All it takes is confidence and not giving a F***!

                                                                     Dressing up
Josh is wearing JCP white cotton chinos. At a mere $24 there are a summer essential. The chino fit is classic tailoring and stays true to size, these are great for trads. It's great for the weekend either formal and at a lawn party or casual and walking around town. Topped with a Lands End club collared shirt and Navy blazer this look is really casual formal. Lets not forget what really ties the outfit together, the red and navy Brooks Brothers tie.

Thanks for reading, let us know which outfit would fit your characteristic best.

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I like the dress up outfit. Its simple and smart.

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